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Discounts for Childminders

Because childminders are so precious to families, and a simple stroller is often not suitable, Baby Wagon offers all licensed childminders a 10% discount on their entire order.

As a real working tool, the WonderFold® wagon will make everyday tasks easier for you and will delight your little ones out of school or in the park!

Discount applicable for 1 single order, after verification of approval. ( OFSTED registration in UK )

Are you an approved nursery assistant and would like to benefit from this discount for your order? Please send us by Email a copy of your CNI and your approval issued by the PMI (by OFSTED for our friends in the United Kingdom).

Upon receipt and after verification, we will send you a promo code in order to benefit from a 10% discount on your order.

And for the childminders who already have their wagon with which you do not go unnoticed on each outing, why not become ambassadors for Baby Wagon and earn commissions on each sale assigned to you?

Find all the information for become an ambassador and join the program. Up to 37 euros in commissions per wagon sold! 🥰